5 Simple tricks for decorating your living room

Arguably, living room is the part of our home where we spend most time. It is a place where the home family gets together and enjoys some quality time.

That being said, I feel that everyone should pay extra attention to their living room, whether we are talking about cleanliness or interior design. As a space where we come to rest and relax, it requires small touchups that will make the time even more enjoyable.

Best way to do it? By introducing new furniture, items and overall, by changing up the interior design.

Here are some simple tricks that will help you decorate your living room.

 1. Adding wall mirrors

Some fifty years ago, paintings were the most popular wall decoration.

In the meantime (with the change of architecture) approach to wall decorations has changed drastically. Living rooms became more sterile, clean with little to no imagination. This is why posters and wall mirrors are now much more suitable.

Good thing about the mirrors is that there are various forms to choose from. Hey, you can even buy a Hollywood mirror if you wish so! No matter what your pick may be, it will definitely refresh your walls making the atmosphere much more pleasant.

2. Tinkering with the furniture

According to the basic understanding of interior design, every living room should have a sectional. It is a must! But, as the architecture changes, so does our approach to furniture. In fact, you don’t even need a sofa!

Furniture products are so versatile and plentiful.

You can go for some interesting items such as ottomans, rocking chairs, settees; there is so much to pick from.

By making a bold statement, your will have a living room that is much more different than your friends’ and family’s. This may seem as a drastic solution at first but will pay dividends along the way.

3. Adding small memorabilia

Everybody has photos in their living room. But why stop there?

You can use so many small items to instil life to your living space. Perhaps the best choice is collecting trinkets from your travels. This will ensure that the room has unique interior.

Have in mind that these items are primarily for decoration. If you wish to improve your interior you have to have plan and purchase everything almost at once. By getting various items that do not seem related you are only creating chaos which will disturb everything else.

So, when doing the purchase, make sure to create a plan and stick to it. There is no need to buy anything else afterwards no matter how cute or interesting it may seem.

4. Enormous carpet

Carpets are a real hassle requiring a lot of time for maintenance.

However, they have an important role when it comes to decoration: they make house homier.

If you decide to get a carpet for your living room, make sure to get the biggest one in store. In this case, it is not so much about visual effect; it is more about psychological effect your guests create when they visit your home. Even if they remain in their shoes, the fuzziness of a carpet will make them feel more at home and relaxed.

5. Cut down on technology

Here is an interesting approach for couples without kids.

Instead of getting an enormous TV, why don’t you make the living room more spacious?

This will put focus on conversation and spending time together with your friends and family. Of course, you can always get one for your bedroom. Nevertheless, watching TV isn’t something you should impose on your guests.

Same as carpets, they will make your home feel much warmer and you will be able to focus on things that actually matter such as interaction.

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