Bathroom Trends for 2017

Bathroom trends emerge each year but for homeowners looking to keep their homes up-to-date, identifying those trends is important. Take a look below to see what trends should find their way into your home this year.


If you are looking for a bathroom that comes with elegance then consider a heritage trend. Period fittings showcasing the era that you want can give a real look of authenticity.

Modern luxuries such as toilets can be purchased in Victorian designs while looking for authentic items from salvage yards and auctions can really help you to achieve the look you desire as you could find bathtubs, basins and brassware.

To finalize the look, heritage colours such as blues and greens are in fashion while metro tiles can really complete the look.

Sparkle and Shine

A bathroom that has a glossy and pale look will really enhance the light in the room while looking sensational. Mirrors and glossy finishes can make the difference while large tiles and designs can help to improve the feeling of space.

A feature wall can create a focus area within the bathrooms while cabinets and pull out storage create extra space. Finally, lighting will really finish off the look so incorporate LED’s and downlights give your bathroom that shiny, sparkly look.


Do you want your bathroom to have a more natural look? Natural materials such as warm woods and beautiful stone will help to achieve this look. Slip resistant stone floor tiles can give a sense of natural beauty while antique taps and wooden shelves can create character as well as a traditional feel.

Wood panels are a great option or if you want to keep original floorboards then they will need to be sealed. However, original materials can be replaced with realistic fakes to keep costs down but achieving a natural look is simple with the right choices.

Impression and Drama

Bright, vivid colours mixed with patterns can really add life to your bathroom. Plain sanitary ware can be spruced up with colour while high-gloss lacquered storage cabinets can inject glamour and class. Bold colours should be used in single blocks especially if the bathroom is relatively small – this is where a feature wall can work.

Laying tiles in patterns and even geometric designs can add style while accessories can add that final impressive touch. Brass and copper taps are on-trend because of their soft metal tones while a papered feature wall create a unique feel.

Amazing Showers

You may be considering a walk in shower or even a whole wetroom. Whichever you choose, your bathroom will feel sensational. A luxurious shower will give your bathroom a spa feel and a truly relaxing experience making it ideal for people of all ages.

If you are opting for a full wetroom then the room will need to be watertight. To add extra light to the room, glossy materials such as mirrors, glass and chrome will work wonders. Matching tiles on the floor and walls will further enhance light while splashes of colours will clearly define your bathroom.

Tara Neil are a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom specialist based in Woodley, Reading, UK.

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