Easy and Simple Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Easy and Simple Narrow Bathroom Ideas – Having small space for home living is probably often being a problem for many people. You can just imagine if you are also one of the people with small space for house. Of course, it will be really difficult for you to arrange the rooms inside, along with the furniture and items should be placed in. besides, small rooms are sometimes also really not comfortable as well so that you are suggested to have more windows and ventilation, indeed. in term of bathroom ideas, there are actually so many things that you can do to make your bathroom more comfortable to be stayed in. as you probably know, today’s bathroom is more than a place for taking a bath but also you can even take a rest and relax your mind there. This article then aims at helping you more in designing a good and healthy bathroom by applying several narrow bathroom ideas. Do you want to know more about them? Just check them out.

narrow bathroom ideas Easy and Simple Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Narrow bathroom ideas – color selections

One important thing you should consider more while designing a bathroom with small space is regarding the color choice. There are two groups of colors that you should better avoid; the first is too bright colors, such as red, yellow and orange. The second is too dark colors like black, dark blue, rustic brown and many others. Why you should avoid those two groups is that they will simply produce such stuffy feeling mainly when they are matched with such narrow bathroom. If you really want to apply one of those colors, it is much better for only using them as the accents or details. There are actually some other beautiful colors which are good for small bathroom; they are blue, green, cream, pink or other pastel colors.

modern narrow bathroom ideas Easy and Simple Narrow Bathroom Ideas

modern narrow bathroom ideas

Narrow bathroom ideas – contemporary decoration

Talking about the interior decoration, the one which is really good to be applied for small bathroom is the modern and contemporary ones. It actually doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to use other styles like classic or vintage. But contemporary is considered as the best option since it offers fewer and simpler details so that the look of your bathroom will not too much stuffy and complicated. But if you really prefer using such vintage or classic ideas, it is much better for you to lessen the amount of details you want to apply.

contemporary narrow bathroom ideas Easy and Simple Narrow Bathroom Ideas

contemporary narrow bathroom ideas

Narrow bathroom ideas – More Ventilation

It is probably really weird to say that we should better to add more windows on our bathroom. But actually, it is really needed to make sure that the air circulation can be done smoothly. Because not all bathrooms are possible to have many windows, therefore, you should play with the ventilation which can actually be put on the upside of your bathroom. Besides, it is not exaggerated also to have some planthouses for give more refreshing senses inside your bathroom. If it is possible, the planthouses should not the fake ones.

narrow bathroom ideas with ventilation Easy and Simple Narrow Bathroom Ideas

narrow bathroom ideas with ventilation

So, are you ready to apply those narrow bathroom ideas?

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