How to remodel your small bathroom in 5 easy steps

Most homeowners have serious headaches when they have to remodel their small bathroom. Unlike some other rooms, each bathroom requires a specific set of items. Unfortunately, the list is really long making it really hard to fit everything inside.

Luckily, there are ways to go about it. Here are 5 easy tips that will give you more space making your bathroom nicer and more functional.

Wooden Compact Bathroom Designs
A compact, yet functional bathroom.

Changing the borders

One obvious solution is to simply demolish the walls and increase the available space. This takes a lot of time and money. You can also go for a small modification. For example, you can add holes to the walls where you can keep your hygienic products.


You can also reconsider door positioning. Some bathrooms lose a lot of functional space due to a bad door positioning. If you think there is a way to make the bathroom more spacious by repositioning the door; you should definitely do it. In the end, you might also consider buying a sliding door which is much better in comparison to traditional doors that open inwards.

Proper use of tiles

One of the most common remodeling mistakes is using extravagant tiles for a small bathroom. The style which you’re looking is cute; not luxurious. In fact, by trying to make your bathroom look rich, you are doing just the opposite – you are making it look poor and kitschy.

Instead, go for clean and inconspicuous style. White color is amazing here as it makes everything look bigger. If you have windows looking towards a garden or a green area, you might wish to consider flowery design.

Removing the cupboard

We are living in an era where DIY style rules. Traditional views are no longer trendy. So, you don’t have to have a traditional mindset. For example, you are able to remove the cupboard. Some things (such as the makeup and drugs) can be placed in other rooms.

Other stuff you can relocate within the bathroom. You can use high shelves which will open up the room allowing easier movement. Majority of the stuff can be places on hooks. You can even install jars and other types of containers which will hang from the wall.

Here, you can place smaller items which you use on a daily basis such as the toothbrush or a toothpaste. Big, wooden items such as the cupboard take a lot of space. In reality, people rarely use the entire cupboard. By optimizing everything and using small containers, you can fine-tune everything according to your realistic needs.

Letter L

Good way to distribute your big three items (bathroom stall, toilet bowl and sink) is to position them in the shape of the letter L. Here, the stall needs to be positioned at the elbow while sink and bowl should be at the ends. By setting up things in such a manner, you will get enough space to efficiently use each one of these.

Think about your centerpiece

Small bathrooms should always have a centerpiece. Even if you can’t do anything regarding the lack of space, you can always use your trump card – deception. By using a noticeable centerpiece, you are able to distract your visitors. Majority of attention will be placed on it, instead of the bathroom itself. Usually, the best choices for the centerpiece are shower stall, sink and mirror.

With these tips, you are ready for bath remodeling!

Just remember to consult an architect before you start with the actual work. Even with these tips, most people do not have enough experience so they tend to make small mistakes which will haunt them later on.

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