Pink Bathroom Ideas

Pink does not necessarily have to be a “girlish” color; to the contrary, it can open up and refresh any space, including the bathroom.

Pink walls

Painting your walls a pale pink shouldn’t make the room feel stuffy. You can play with different shades of pink, and use different textures, too – paint one wall, apply pink mosaic tiles on another.

For a sleeker look, make the ceiling and the top parts of the walls white; this will brighten up the room.

pink bathroom ideas

pink bathroom ideas


Wallpaper is always a great way to add a splash of color to any bathroom, and the right shade of pink can really help you achieve that.

Vintage pink

If you live in an old house, your bathroom might already be fitted with pink vintage tile. Though you may be tempted to remove it right away, consider playing with a mix of black and grey for the walls, window frame, shower curtain and cabinets to tone the pink down. Also consider white for these items to keep the pink tile from becoming too overwhelming.

Should you wish to emphasize the pink, a red-brown carpet in an otherwise white bathroom can do the trick, as can painting your walls aqua-marine (and ditching the red carpet).

Pink accents

Pink is great for making a statement, without having to use it all over the place. Instead, go with an all white bath (walls, floorboards, cabinets, etc), and add a splash of color in the form of a bright pink or magenta shower curtain. It will create a beautiful eye-popping effect in an otherwise fresh and airy bathroom.

Pink accent pieces, like showerheads, hanging towel racks, or a mosaic tiled shower are another way to go. Alternatively, embellish a white compartment storage unit with pink towels, nail polish bottles, shampoos, brushes, hair curlers, etc.

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