3 Smartphone-Controlled Devices for the Futuristic Bathroom

Every aspect of your living space should reflect not just your lifestyle, but the lifestyle you want to have, and your bathroom is no exception. If you’re one of those people who like to live on the edge of technology, you may have already invested in gadgets that give you control of your living room and bedroom right from one remote control, or with a gesture of your hands. Why not invest in similar technology for your bathroom? And to take things to a whole new level, use devices that can controlled right from your phone.


The mobile phone is the single most useful gadget we have today, and reports have shown that 75% of Americans use their mobile phones while on the toilet. Gaming Realms, operators of Spin Genie, have found that smartphone and tablet installed bases have exceeded PC installed bases in 2013, making mobile phones our gadgets of choice. Thanks to this, some great technology has been created to let you control your house – and more importantly, your bathroom – all from your smartphone.

Here are some of the best new gadgets and appliances that can change the way you use your phone in the bathroom:

1. The Android-Controlled Toilet

Lixil’s Android-controlled toilet isn’t just a toilet: it can be your best friend in the bathroom. It has built-in speakers that can play music you select from the corresponding app on your phone, and if you’re a little worried about your digestive health, it can even keep track of your history. The app controls everything from the flush to the bidet, and – as women all over the world will be glad to know – the position of the toilet seat.

2. Digital Showering

Crosswater Digital’s Digital Shower has eliminated the need to fumble with your shower to find your ideal temperature. The shower itself is designed beautifully, but what makes this a marvel is its amazing control. Not only can you control the shower with a handy app, but you can even store preferences for up to three users, so just before you or your partner gets into the shower, you can set it up to the perfect temperature.

3. Personalized Steam Baths

This one is a bit more of an investment of time rather than money, as it requires you to build the steam bath yourself. If you’re working with trusted people, however, this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Instructions to make a INSTEON-controlled steam bath are found on SmartHome.com – and they’re surprisingly simple. Give it a try if you’re a fan of steam baths after a long hard day at work… and really, who isn’t a fan of steam baths?

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