4 Tips to Cleaning Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding doors make taking a shower a lot easier. Not only do they add a sense of style into your shower area, but they also make the functionality of entering the room so much easier.

However, cleaning it is another story. It can be quite a hassle to clean them because they can easily attract soap scum and dirt that is so hard to remove. And because most shower doors have opaque material, it makes the dirt even more visible to the eye. And this can be a frustrating thing knowing that you can’t just easily replace them, unlike shower curtains.

So with this alone, you might as well learn how to properly clean it. Here are 4 tips to cleaning sliding shower doors.


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1) Make your own vinegar and water solution

Perhaps, the easiest way to clean your sliding shower door is to use a simple vinegar and water solution. You don’t have to buy a very expensive cleaning solution for this. Just get some white vinegar and put it on the dirt.

Once you have sprayed it, it can now easily be removed with a cloth and then rinse it with water. Even some of the best sliding shower doors available don’t really need a high maintenance cleaning.

2) Prevent bacteria and mold build-up by maintaining good ventilation

Prevention definitely helps a lot when it comes to cleaning sliding shower doors. So long as you open your windows, doors, and try to keep the air inside as fresh as possible, you will be able to prevent bacteria and mold build-up in your sliding doors.

Molds like the moist so if your shower area doesn’t have good ventilation, this is a problem that you will always have to face.

3) Store a cleaning solution in a spray bottle and put it somewhere in the shower area

To avoid big accumulation of dirt in your shower room, it is best that you clean it as soon as you start noticing it needs cleaning. Even by just spraying it once in a while with water and vinegar solution, you will be able to maintain a clean and shining sliding shower door.

If you start to notice any mold or mildew, you can just spray it with the water and vinegar solution. It will make cleaning so much easier in the future because you have not allowed it to set.

4) Use a small brush to clean the corners of the sliding shower door.

The corners of your sliding shower door can be pretty tricky to clean and you certainly need a small brush to properly remove any dirt from it. You can use an old toothbrush or buy a small one that you can use to scrub off dirt with less effort as possible.

You can also use this to scrub the shower track in your shower door with less hassle. It will be a lot easier to brush all these dirt when you use a water and vinegar solution beforehand.


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