5 Signs Your Home Needs New Doors

Not many homeowners think twice about their doors, until they start to make weird noises or become hard to open and close. But like everything else in a home, doors too have a lifespan, and when signs of wear start to creep up, it’s time to consider replacing the doors. Keeping old doors on your home can let in more than it keeps in.

Wondering if it’s time to replace your sliding glass door? Think your interior doors are due for a replacement soon?

Here are 5 telltale signs that your home is in dire need of new doors.

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  1. There’s a Draft

One of the most obvious signs that the doors in your home need to be replaced is when you can feel a draft. On a windy day, shut the door, and place your hand near the edges. Chances are you’ll feel a draft coming through, and if you do, this is a sign that the door needs to be replaced.

Even the smallest amount of space between the door and the door frame lets in outside air. This can be quite problematic in the cold winter months and during summer when you’re trying to regulate your home’s temperature.

Drafts put your HVAC into overdrive, making it work harder than it really needs to. In turn you’re faced with higher energy bills and a home that can never seem to stay the right temperature for too long.

  1. Closing it Isn’t Easy

Doors should glide open and close. It shouldn’t take you a lot of effort to open the door or close it, this is unless the door needs to be repaired or replaced. If you have to pull up on the door in order to have it latch properly into the frame, then chances are the door needs to be replaced entirely.

The same goes for sliding glass doors. If you have to pull hard on the door for it to open or close, there may be a problem with the track. Dirt and other debris can clog the track, making it impossible for the door to effortlessly glide.

Improper door operation is a good sign that the door needs some work done to it or it needs to be replaced.

  1. The Door is Noisy

Doors shouldn’t make much noise unless you slam them shut. Doors that are noisy more than likely need to be replaced. Traditional doors can start to squeak become of hinges. While hinges can be oiled, this doesn’t fix the underlying problem, which is likely that the hardware needs to be replaced. As a door’s hardware begins to wear, it’s a good sign that the door itself is also coming to its end.

Noisy hardware is more than an inconvenience. It can be a sign that your door is much easier to break into, leaving your home, family, and your valuables vulnerable to being stolen. As a stopgap measure, determine if you can tighten or repair the hardware as you wait for a new door to be ordered and installed.

  1. There’s Obvious Damaged

Another telltale sign that a door in your home needs to be replaced is noticeable damage. One of the most common reasons for exterior door replacement is because of water or insect damage. This is especially true for homes built in humid areas or close to woods.

Wooden doors that are exposed to a lot of moisture and humidity tend to warp and crack. Pests, especially termites, can also be problematic in reducing a door’s lifespan.

Other common signs of damage that you may notice on a door include:

  • Cracks
  • Chips in the wood or glass
  • Signs of an insect infestation (abundance of ants, etc.)

A damaged door not only shows its imperfections, it means that the door is no longer structurally sound. This leaves your home vulnerable!

  1. Exposed Areas

Looking at a door, you shouldn’t see any type of light peeking through it. If you notice light coming through the bottom, top, or sides of the door, this likely means that the door’s material has become warped. This is often caused by excessive moisture and humidity, but can also be caused by mildew, mold, and time.

Once the door doesn’t sit flush with the frame, replacement is often the best option.


Doors tend to take the backburner when it comes to home repair, but your home’s doors are extremely important. Exterior doors protect your home from the natural elements while also providing a safeguard against unwanted visitors. Interior doors create privacy and separation.

If your doors are displaying any of these 5 signs, now is the time to consider replacing them.

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