Renovating an old house is not that cheap or easy but to those who can afford they go all in but other home owners are smart enough to plan and decide which material will suit the ideal finish of the house. For small bathroom renovation ideas, you do not need to have that much money to avail the whole renovation process. There’s so many ways and plans you can use to turn your old bathroom to an amazing, classy, DIY, rustic and elegant bathroom you ever wanted.

Almost everyone and those old houses lovers are absolutely familiar  with this few things about the small bathrooms: Drafty made bathroom windows, a little less-to-perfect type of plumbing, and squeaky, noisy and annoying floors make. While modern baths now a days doubled the sizes from over the 30 years pass now, and measured about average about 6 by 8-feet at least..

These days, architechs still uses the usual a large spacious bathroom, horizontal lines, frameless and framed mirrors, and some all different type of lightings. Unique bathroom lightings really help creating and giving a dynamic illusion for a little larger space of the bathroom.

Some of the small bathroom renovation ideas are giving a touch of the famous ”marble-clad” the call it. It will divide the wall that will lends nicely to separate the toilet area. This will give you an opportunity for a little space to create a couple of recessed mini closet and storage. For small bathroom renovation ideas, brick walls brick walls and elegant tiles will make it even more elegant, neat and classy.


What you need for an amazing small bathroom renovation ideas are small bath, small bathtub, small toilet or washing area, specially when you have a small house or limited space apartment, this type of bathroom will be comfortable enough and even will saves you space. But of course, before renovating you bathroom you must to plan everything, what design to make it comfortable for you home. Think about what fits your budget and decide, look for quality furnitures, tiles or bricks you want for your walls.

Most of homeowners out like to”keep it very simple and do it classy and comfortable.” Sometimes, trying a mixed color designs or style, or just keeping it neat and stick to just one or 2 color like black and white for exam, and other modern color trend trend they desire. If replacing a shower to a small small bath, it’ll give you enough space to even carve a built in closet to avoid overcrowded and cluttered space in your bathroom. So many stores out there selling pairs of closet, a curved-front vanity maximizer will be very usable space because it has two deep drawers with a double extension and an amazing drawer slides.

Having a storage –rich is one of small bathroom renovation ideas, this vanity with a setting tone to a very organized and neat bathroom. A sassy or classic tile, choosing an off-center sink made by porcellane, a detailed wall arts or stunning mirrors, and some built it closest or shelves will do the job that will allow space for setting a grooming, accessories and bathroom tools.

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