Bathroom Tile 2013 – Mosaic Tile

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Bathroom Tile 2013 – Mosaic Tile – The mosaic tile is considered as one of the famous trend of the bathroom 2013. Do you want to remodel your bathroom? The solution of changing your bathroom tile with the mosaic tile is the right choice.

The mosaic tile is one of tiles that have form from a piece of tile and then it is bundled based on the design that you want. The mosaic tile is so flexible to be created the various designs that suit to all kinds of interior style such as minimalist, classic, and ethnic style. Furthermore, the mosaic tile presents with the various motif and color. The motif and color of the mosaic tile is so interesting. There are some colors provided such as red, pink, yellow, green, blue, grey, purple, etc. Then, one mosaic tile can present in the choice of the different color, motif, and texture. If the color, motif, and texture are combined, this combination will produce the nice picture and make the charming appearance.

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How to set up the bathroom tile 2013 in Mosaic Pattern

What do you do to set up the bathroom mosaic tile? Do you know how to the set up it? Firstly, you must prepare the tool and the materials that you need such as the mosaic tile, the white cement, the grout filler, the trowel, the bucket, and the nylon brush. Secondly, you must make sure that the flooring and the wall of the bathroom have been painted averagely. After that, you may give the cement and you can put the mosaic tile on it. You wait for ½ day. The next step is to fill between pieces of the mosaic with grout. Then, you make the surface of the grout slightly curved downward and not too flat in order that it looks more beautiful. 30 minutes after filing the grout, you clean the mosaic with the rather wet cloth. Lastly, after the grout is dry (about 2 hour), you brush the surface of the mosaic.

bathroom tile 2013 blue

Tips for cleaning and looking after the bathroom tile 2013

There are some tips that you can do such as:

  • Clean the whole floor tile with the vinegar
  • Using backing soda and wash it then
  • Clean the soap which is made especially for the flooring

All tips above can be done in order that the bathroom tile 2013 in mosaic patterns remain shiny.

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