Bathroom tricks to open up the space

Opening up the space in a bathroom is as rewarding as it is challenging. Bathrooms are, after all, one of the smallest rooms in the home where every inch must be utilised in order for the space to not feel cramped, especially in the most compact of cases.

It’s not always huge changes that have the best effect either; a combination of small tweaks and minimalist designs can make all the difference in opening up the bathroom space. So we’re going to share a few tips and tricks to help you achieve this.

Multiplying mirror

We’ve all had that experience of stepping into a room and at first believing it to be double its actual size as a result of a large mirror covering the far wall. Mirrors have that effect in the bathroom too.

A large mirror fitted to one wall will multiply the perceived size of your bathroom, even if it isn’t quite floor to ceiling in length or wall to wall in width. Whatever size mirror you choose, however, always comes with the benefit of reflecting light around the room, and a bright bathroom is easier to perceive as a spacious bathroom.

Tile tricks

Go large, go bright and go balanced. Those are the three golden rules of tiling in the bathroom if you intend to open up the space.

Selecting large and bright should be fairly self-explanatory, but balanced less so, and this is simply how you utilise the tiles. By balanced, we mean using the same tiles across the floor as on the wall, although they don’t have to climb all the way up to the ceiling for this to work effectively.

The impact of large tiles all over is an illusion of space with far fewer lines criss-crossing the interior surfaces, which can make it look hectic and cramped. Another benefit of large tiles over small is having fewer crevices to wipe down when it comes to cleaning.

Floating formula

Basins and toilets are essential products in any bathroom, so of course there are models designed to save space when you’re working with fitting everything into a compact bathroom.

Wall mounted basins hang fully supported by the wall, without any additional stylistic basin features such as a pedestal or counter top underneath, although a handy towel rail can be fitted below. Similarly, wall mounted toilets attach to the wall at any height and unconventionally hide the toilet cistern completely from view, leaving the appearance of a small, yet elegant, stool.

The idea behind these products that appear to ‘float’ in the bathroom is that they both allow for a much larger floor area than would be possible with other basin and toilet models. It is surprising how much of a positive effect this can have on opening up the bathroom space.

See-through shower

Along with bathtubs, shower enclosures require and take up the single most amount of space in the bathroom, so creating a seamless flow throughout the room is key to opening up the space.

A glass shower door or panel is one such way to achieve this. The transparency means that the bathroom never appears divided between the shower enclosure and everything else which can often make the room feel more confined than it actually is. As a result of a see-through divider, the bathroom now acts as one instead of two or three individual parts.

To make this transition to a collective whole even more effective, use a frameless shower door or panel and you’ll also reap the benefits when it comes to cleaning.

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