Black kitchen designs

Even if you have a traditional kitchen, black kitchen cabinets can still work. They are not just for contemporary or modern kitchens.

Using Black Kitchen Cabinets Can Spice Up Any Style of Kitchen For Contemporary Kitchens: Black kitchen cabinets were probably borne out of this style of kitchen decor. It’s a natural fit because it provides, for example, an ideal contrast to stainless steel appliances. Because they’re a natural fit though, there’s the danger of them coming off as too cold or too bold.

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To combat this, install recessed lighting. It will warm up the space. Also, use a temperate color on an accent wall. For Traditional Kitchens: Making black kitchen cabinets work in a traditional kitchen is not hard at all. Did you know that kitchen cabinets can take up almost 75% of the space in the room? We point this out to remind you that all of your other design elements should tip toward the traditional if you have black kitchen cabinets.

For example, select elegant, light fixtures; warm-hued floors (brick or hardwood are nice options); and conventional painted walls. If your kitchen is big enough, get granite countertops with black highlights. This will give the design a sense of continuity. Keep in mind though that too much black in a small space can make it feel confining and uninviting. Black is a beautiful, powerful color. Hence, the key to having black kitchen cabinets look good once installed is to plan the look carefully.

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