Clogged Drains at Home: Do-It-Yourself or Professional Plumber?

Although we would like to believe so, plumbing systems do not always succeed in doing the job they were designed for. Sometimes they do fail, and this is usually due to the amount of waste that is disposed of through our drains. But what do you do when you have clogged drains at home?

Do you unclog the drain yourself or do you call in the services of a professional plumber? Depending upon the amount of clogging, it is possible for you to unblock your drains without having to call in a plumber as there are some basic methods you can apply to do the job yourself.

Use a basic plunger

When it comes to unclogging drains, the plunger should be your first option. It is a tried and tested method employed by countless people on an everyday basis. General drain clogging within our homes is caused by minor problems, and, therefore, can be quickly solved by using an appropriate plunger. If you do not own a plunger, you should put it on your list of must-have DIY tools. It is relatively cheap and will ultimately save you a lot of time, trouble and money.

Brine solution

Once you tried to unclog the drain with a plunger and had no success, the next solution you can try is to use the brine solution. This solution prevents the build-up of grease in household drains and therefore it is not only a potential cure, but a future preventative measure as well. When you pour the brine solution into the clogged drain of a kitchen sink, it will also help to eliminate the foul odor.


Drain cleaner solution

When both the plunger and brine solution failed to unblock your clogged drain, you need some reinforcements. Visit your local DIY store and ask for a drain cleaner solution and appropriate protective equipment you can wear while handling the solution, as its strength is not unlike the drain chemicals used by plumbers and you have to be careful when you are forced to use it. Before you start, first read the enclosed user instructions and follow it to the letter. Also, make sure the drain you are trying to unclog is not fitted with plastic piping, as the solution will cause serious damage to such components.


Home remedies for Unclogging drains

In the case of minor clogs, you can always opt to try some ingredients such as baking soda or vinegar to unclog drains. It is available in most homes, inexpensive and safe. Use equal parts of vinegar and baking soda (approximately half a cup) and add some boiling water to the solution. It is an effective way to unclog drains without causing damage to any parts of the plumbing system.


Time to call on professional assistance

When you have tried everything possible to unclog a drain by means of using one of the methods mentioned above and all methods failed, it is time to call in the help of a professional plumber. They will certainly have an answer to your specific drain problem and will have it running smoothly in no time.

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