Creative and Unique DIY Mirrors

A creative and unique DIY mirror is a perfect asset specially when decorating a cool and unique bathroom of your home. They’re kind of tricky yet functional and must be placed strategically. This way these arts can turn out amazingly create a large visual enlarge bathroom space. Decorative or this creative and unique DIY mirrors can create a double duty of beautiful and unusual art piece.

What about DIY mirrors?

You’re probably looking for those unique DIY designs cool gift idea? How about DIY simple wall art? Well, stop looking!!! These mirrors are very easy to make and it’s very simple to customize for swapping and mixing together those different unique colors and amazing cool patterns. It is perfect for those who love arts, unique designs and to decorate, DIY mirrors can also be easily changes to match any decorations you wish. Each One of decorative ideas and accent can create an UNLIMITED amazing arts and looks. We came up with some cool, creative and unique ideas how come up with those amazing and unique beautiful illuminated mirrors for your bathroom. Creative and Unique DIY Mirrors that can perfectly reflect your own style…

Here are some few examples of a creative and unique DIY mirrors that are very decorative and suits any taste or style you wish (budget is not mentioned or included):
Nautical Ropes Frame Mirror
The nautical rope mirrors are very unique. This type of mirror featured a summer-like ideas that are very amazing and you will surely like how they had an unusual art displayed and hanged with rope and if you wish you can add a little dock cleats accent. Very inspiring to try at home and get the same feeling of being in that cozy summer art bathrooms.

Old magazines DIY mirror frame
Can be turn out as room’s focal point or center of attraction, a recycled-paper made mirror. This kind of design elevates the surroundings and one of the playful designs. It has it’s own fun and a little creativity and you can create how small, big or wider as you can and color it all your desire colors as you want.

Twigs and Cut branches DIY mirror Frame Design
Looking for an old fashion ethnic and exotic style of mirror design?? Open the door in your backyard and there you’ll find the answer you’ve been looking for. Those branches and twigs that fell from your trees can be use as your most amazing center of attraction in your living room, kitchen and even in your bathroom. Cost you nothing, designing your own is very easy and fun and enjoyable.


Multi Color Mirror Frame.
Are thinking about starting on another ‘new’ DIY mirror design for your bathroom?? Kitchen or living room maybe?? Have heard about those colorful beads? Try those different kind and colorful turquoise seed beads is of the amazing Creative and Unique DIY Mirrors. You might find it very frustrating or difficult to put together but the result of finish product will leave you awesomely speechless. Those many types of beads will give you the biggest array of stunning unique different colors opening up a whole new, exciting and amazingly crazy possibilities in world of designs.


Plastic Spoons Colorful Designs

With all the Creative and Unique DIY Mirrors, This is one of my favorite design that I ever wished to hang in every corner of my house. It’s because it proves so many simple facts; A beautiful decorations doesn’t need to be expensive and in fact is, it can be even pretty amazingly cheap. Try to make a chrysanthemum unique mirror frames using those cheapest plastic spoons you could ever find any in your local groceries store. Just glued them out into a low price MDF wreath forms as well and then just paint them with those colorful craft paint. The minimal cost you spent will give you a huge impact and a surprisingly amazing design of your home.


DIY Rustic Mirror Frames

Using rustic materials make great statement piece of amazing, creative and unique DIY mirror designs for you hallway. For sure there’s so many spare or leftover materials fromyour yard, so why don’t you put it together and make good use out of it and turned it into a great unique statement piece for our entry hall. Will not cost you a dime unless you want to overdo it. It’s just cutting, painting and gluing is will it takes!

DIY rustic mirror


Creative and Unique DIY Mirrors

Create an amazing and a great decorating focal points in your bathroom and in any part of your house. DIY mirrors can always match and look perfect on each and every wall in your bathroom or house walls.

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