Creative Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

When people envision the home of their dreams, they often include a luxurious modern bathroom. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the bathroom is one area of the house everyone uses on a regular basis. It can also be the one room in a house that people are least happy with. Rather than settling for a bathroom you don’t like, consider making a few simple changes based on these creative ideas.

renovated bathroom ideas fresh renovated bathroom ideas



Free Floating

Most bathrooms will include sinks that are built into furniture that stands on the floor. Under the sink, you’ll generally find a small cabinet or other storage area. The problem with this is that it takes up a lot of space, contributing to the claustrophobic and cramped feeling found in most bathrooms.

Modern retailers, such as Stonewood Bathrooms, have begun offering an interesting alternative. You can now have a sink, complete with storage space, built in such a way that it is mounted on the wall. This opens up more floor space and really goes a long way towards making a bathroom feel more spacious.


Water Art

While we’re on the topic, sinks and faucets are one of the best ways to add a modern look and feel to any bathroom. Bespoke Bathrooms creates some truly beautiful and artistic solutions. There are a variety of different modern fixtures and creative options when it comes to your sink. This is such a small change that has such a major impact it would be unwise to neglect it.

bathroom sink vanity


A Bright Idea

The typical lighting set up for a bathroom consist of an overhead light and some sort of vanity lighting around the mirror. While this works well when it comes to simply illuminating the bathroom, it often does very little for the aesthetic design of a room you spend so much time in.

One thing far too few people ever think of is using wall sconces in place of overhead lighting. These sconces produce a soft ambient glow that shines upwards towards the ceiling. This creates a beautiful lighting system and helps to not only illuminate the bathroom but accent certain other design features such as tiles and molding.

bathroom lights on top of mirror


Pure Opulence

While having a bathroom that looks good is always wonderful, you should remember to pamper yourself as well. If you live in an area that gets cold in the winter, you’re familiar with the discomfort of stepping out of a warm shower into the cold air. This may be a surprise to you but there are heated towel racks that can keep your towels toasty and warm, even in the coldest of days. Imagine stepping out of a warm shower and right into a warmed towel.


Get Creative

The bathroom is one area of your house where you shouldn’t let cost dictate everything. The design of most other rooms can be changed with furniture and artwork but the same is not true for the bathroom. A few extra dollars spent on modern bathroom furniture, creative light fixtures, and a few pieces chosen for the sole reason of pampering yourself can really improve not just a bathroom but an entire home.

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