Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Tile Saw

A tile saw is a tool that is used to cut through a porcelain, ceramic, glass and natural stone tiles in different shapes and sizes.

They consist of a diamond-coated blade that grinds through the tiles. Purchasing a tile saw you need to know the best tile saw for your work is.

On this image – a tile saw.

There are three basic types of tile saw

1. Wet tile saw

Looks more of a table saw but they are unique in that the blades are mounted in a water reservoir. They are the best tools for the job since they are accurate and precise. A wet tile saw is used in grinding through large amount of tiles that are clamped together in order, as well as in multiple rooms that wants to be tiled.

Many professionals’ uses wet tile saw since it can grind through any type of tiles.

A water reservoir has three basic functions;

  • It cools the blade since it can be destroyed by the amount of heat produced during grinding.
  • It reduces the amount of debris and dust particles that are produced during cutting process.
  • It eases the friction between the blade and the tiles to avoid breakage of tiles due to heat.

It comes in two models; a pump less wet tile saw and a re-circulating pump.

2. A hand held tile saw

They are known as masonry tile saws. They are used for smaller job such as cutting tiles for the countertops. They grind odd shapes such as curves. They are smaller hence easy to carry. Theydo not have much work except to plug in and do the job.

There are three types of hand held tile saw; a dry hand held saw that doesn’t need water to grind, a wet hand held saw that requires water to grind, lastly a dual hand held saw that can work either way.
This type of saw is not accurate as a wet tile saw, and one has to clamp a tile in order to grind through it.

3. Tile grinders

They are relatively small. They are cordless hence, they need to be recharged. They are used for smaller jobs such as cutting odd shapes and curves. Homeowner uses them a lot since they are cheap and easily portable.

Factors to consider when purchasing a tile saw

Type of material to be cut

Before purchasing a tile saw, you need to know which material your tiles are made from. Tiles come in different materials; porcelain, ceramic, natural stones, granite and glass. Not all tiles blade are compatible with the size of the material. Granite and porcelain are harder hence; they need a wet tile saw or a motorized saw.

Amount of job to be done

Most tile saws have a degree of cutting. It is wise to choose a tile saw that could cut varying size of tiles. If the work to be done is in large quantity, these calls for a motorized tile saw or a wet tile saw, since it can handle large amount of work in a specific time. Manual tile saws are for smaller jobs.

Tile saw quality

Some tile saws are of good quality while some are easily wrecked. In order to avoid buying the non-durable tile saw check out the customer comments on website, this can enable you to know which brand is the best and where to find them. You need to look which material the tile saw is made from.Do not forget to buy from the companies known and are legitimate.


This depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you are a professional and will be using this tool often, then I suggest you spend well for a good quality tile saw that would last. If the tool to be purchased is for a home use then you can consider buying a manual tile saw.


A portable tile saw is efficient in that it can be easy moved from one point to another without adding any cost of transport.

Type of blade

It is important to know the type of blade you need for your work. There are different types of blades, i.e. a wet blade and a circular blade. Therefore, choose wisely.

A tile saw can be a good investment. The above are key factors to guide you in buying the right tile saw, it should be able to give you an excellent work.

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