Famous Bathroom DIY Closet and Shelves Ideas

Famous Bathroom DIY Closet and Shelves Ideas

Most of the people loves to have the most neat and gorgeous bathroom. It doesn’t need to me too pricey but nowadays there is a lot of alternative ways to save and make it even more beautiful. There thousands of ideas out there for you to apply it to your own bathroom; modern, rustic or contemporary style. But to those who can’t afford those designs, they go to DIY or Do it yourself ideas to create a DIY Closet and Shelves for their bathroom. To create a gorgeous bathroom doesn’t to be that expensive. Go through your storage area and you’ll see you can make something beautiful out of it. Here are some famous bathroom DIY closet and shelves to make your bathroom even more colorful and beautiful.

Organizer for Baby’s stuff is a must to those who are expecting a baby. It is tricky like you think, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a bathroom DIY closet and shelves as organizer for your baby’s clothes and stuff can never be that hard at all. All you gotta do it few piece of woods, paint and few nails will do. Before starting, make sure you have your sketch on what closet or shelve you want to have, if don’t have that much space, make sure your organizer will do the work.

OLD BOOKSHELVES can also one thing that you can be used for a bathroom DIY closet and shelves. It’s one of the best idea! So if you’re planning to throw it today, hold on cos this maybe will become the best accent of your bathroom. Big or small book shelf will pay a good look to your bathroom. If you have a modern, make it modern and paint it to modern. If you have rustic or contemporary make sure you’ll make it also as part of your design. Throw some basket each racks, indoor plants or cactus, put up some gorgeous frame and stuff that will match and there you have it.

BATHROOM SINK is one of the Famous Bathroom DIY Closet and Shelves Ideas. Images above shows you that even the smallest place can be used to have a organized bathroom. DIY drawers, boxes and organizers will give you a good hidden closet and shelves. Make sure you clean the whole space, paint if you needed to and good measurement of each box and shelves is a must.

 If you can create a shoe rock by yourself, you can also create a simple towel rocks and paint it to exaggerate the color in purpose to create a beautiful contrast to you bathroom. Some pictures below are more Famous Bathroom DIY Closet and Shelves Ideas that will help you create a well organized bathroom in the blocks.

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