Girly Ideas For Teenage Girls Bathroom Decor

Once your daughter turns into teenager, she will demand on individuality and freedom. It is including the selection on room and bathroom decor. When you are planning to upgrade your teenage girls bathroom decor, there are some important points to remember. The decor of their bathroom should reflect their personality and interest. Due to this reason, you have to discuss with your daughter before starting to build or shop around for the materials. Here are some ideas on teenage girls bathroom decor.

Ideas On Teenage Girls Bathroom Decor

You can start with bathroom wall. Decorating the bathroom wall can be done by painting or applying wallpaper. Choose the color and design which are loved by your daughters. Some popular colors for teenage girls bathroom decor are including deep pink, lavender purple, chic black and white, and many more. If your girl has painting skill, ask her to paint the wall (with your help) by using word or shape stencils. Applying wallpaper is another great way to decorate bathroom wall. Since your girls turn into teenager, you might want to avoid something that is too childish. Let your daughter to choose the color and pattern for the wall.

Your teenage girls bathroom decor is not complete without mirror. Your teenager starts to pay attention at their appearance. They take a lot of time to stare at mirror to make sure they are presentable. If your teenager’s bathrooms are large enough, why not consider getting vanity with matching chair. Your girls will love this vanity set. If not, you can always get them a large mirror. This mirror can be used as focal point in your teenager bathroom. Get decorative mirror for your teenager bathroom. You can also find mirror with a frame that your teenager can decorate with beads, faux gems, and her own painting. A large mirror does not only offer function, but also makes your bathroom look larger.

Girly Teenage Girls Bathroom Decor

Your teenager might have certain theme in mind related to teenage girls bathroom decor. For example, your teenager wants to have girly teenage girls bathroom decor. To decorate bathroom with this theme, you need to get girly stuff. This is including girly bathroom furniture, girly bathroom fixtures, and girly bathroom accessories. Your girls might want to get glamorous bathroom. To achieve the theme, you need to get glamorous stuff.

Decide the focal point for your teenage girls bathroom decor. The focal point can be anything from shower curtain, bathroom mirrors, wall painting, and many more. If you are using shower curtain as the focal point, you need to get eye catching shower curtain. Several great options are including bright pink, white and black polka dotted curtain, and many more. Choose the shower curtain which matches with your teenager’s bathroom. Focal point should be the item that attracts the attention from the viewer’s eyes.

Another important aspect in teenage girls bathroom decor is decorations and accessories. It is recommended for you to get bathroom accessories which are decorative and functional. For example, decorative toothbrush holder, decorative toilet paper, tissue box cover, and many more. Set your budget. If your budget is too limited to fulfill what your girl wants, discuss with her to get the best solution.

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