How to Design and Decorate Bathroom for Girls

How to Design and Decorate Bathroom for Girls – Bathroom is surely one of the most important rooms must be provided inside our house. Moreover, the functions of today’s bathroom are not only as the place for taking a bath but even it should also be for relaxing. It is not exaggerated as well if many people are now designing bathroom as beautiful as possible so that they just want to stay inside longer.

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Based on that fact, each bathroom will be better created by adapting it with the user’s characters, whether he or she is a kid, adult, girl or boy. In this article, you may see and enjoy several tips probably needed when you have a plan to design or decorate a bathroom for the girls. Yes, you may simply think such girl’s bathroom; particularly a teenager will be really complicated and full of details. But here, you can just minimize it, so, just check them out.

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Wall Decoration

There are mainly only two options you may take to decorate the wall, it is by using paint or wallpaper. Both are good although you may select a kind of paint or wallpaper which are not easily being washy. If you or the bathroom user then prefer something plain, it is better to paint it since it will minimize the risk of wall damaging. Besides, the use of painting is also more effective mainly if the bathroom is large enough. But then, if it is better for you to give more images or motif on the bathroom wall, it is much effective of course to stick wallpaper in it. In term of coloring, surely, it must depend on the owner. Well, although girl is commonly associated to the color of pink, it is no matter at all to try another color, like blue, green, yellow and so forth.

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Furniture, Items and Accessories

A good bathroom is at least should have a shower or bathtub, toilet, sink with mirror and rack to save the bathing equipments. It seems that those things can be loaded although the bathroom is quite small. But of course, since the necessities for girls while taking a bath are commonly more than the boys, it seems that you should prepare at least two racks or shelves in it. Moreover, if it is possible, the space should also not be too small so that it is still possible for then to do all the activities inside comfortably.

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Windows and Ventilation

Yes, these two things or at least one of them should also be prepared well in the bathroom so that the air circulation can be controlled smoothly. But of course, since it is bathroom in which you will need privacy a lot, the placement should be considered well. You can just put the ventilation on the upper side of your wall or even in the ceiling if it is possible. Or, another idea is by placing windows normally if outside still your home area, like your yard is. Yes, you should also make sure there will be no one else that can be the next of your bathroom, of course.

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Here are some examples of bathroom designs for girls.

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