How to Install Bathroom Faucets

How to Install Bathroom Faucets – Having your faucet stucked and not able to work well is surely something which is really annoying. It is mainly when this incident is occurred during the hours when you and your family need to go bath, surely. You probably can call the repairing service worker to visit your bathroom and then get it repaired. But of course, it will take more time and you may need to wait longer for this. Based on that fact, it is not something exaggerated of course, if you have an ability to repair it yourself. Moreover, it is if you are one of the singles who are living alone in your house or apartment. Rather than wasting your time for calling a service, it is better to learn several steps you may follow to change and install your bathroom faucets.

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Prepare all the Things Needed

The first thing you should do is preparing all the things needed, including the new faucet and also tape specially used for faucets. Well, in term of faucet, it seems no matter with what kind of model you want to apply. Luckily, such incident like damage faucet can be a chance also for you to try new style of faucet.

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Remove the Old Bathroom Faucet

You may then start to remove the old faucet from the place where it should be. It can actually be different from one faucet to another. You may experience in which the old faucet can be removed easily but then, it can be really hard as well. Usually, the faucet can be simply separated by rotating it to the left. It is also really important for you to be careful while doing it. Well, if you are not, the faucet can also be broken and then one of the parts can also be left behind. Surely, if this situation is happened to you, it will be much more difficult for you to treat it, or you have to call the service. You should not forget to turn off the main water flow which is usually located near the gauge, of course, it means that you should recognize well each corner of your house, indeed.

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Install the New Bathroom Faucet

Then, after you find your faucet has been removed from its place, it is then a time for you to prepare the new faucet. Firstly, you must put around the tape you already have. Yes, overall, the tape used is usually quite elastic in order to make the faucet can be attached perfectly to its place. Besides, it is also advantageous to make the water cannot simply seep into the outside. After all are ready, you may then install it by rotating the faucet from the right.

Woman Adjusting a Faucet in a Domestic Bathroom

Lastly, it is much better to check whether the faucet is already able to be used normally or not. Of course, the way of checking it is by turn on the faucet and then sees if the water is flowing well without any seep from the crack of faucet and pipe. If it doesn’t work, well, you may repeat those steps or call the service center.

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