How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Bathroom?

By Matej G

We tend to struggle a lot keeping pests away from the bathroom. Cracks, crevices, and holes are the main entry points of various pests. They invade in the bathroom through the drains in bathtubs, toilets, or wash basins.

If your bathroom is in a very bad condition, then please go for renovating bathroom within a budget. Below mentioned are some of the methods to get rid of various pests.

1. How to Keep Drain Flies Away?

Drain flies breed in standing water. They are found in a drain, sink, toilet, and bathtub. The next step is to get rid of these flies. You must keep the drains clean. Keep the shower filter clean. Make sure that the traces of hair are not there.

  • To stop their breeding removes all the debris so that they cannot lay their eggs. Pour warm water into the drain. Through the metal brush clean the drain.
  • Use drain cleaner gel around the edges. It will kill all the flies. After some time flush it with water. Also, pour drain cleaner in your bathtub and washbasin.
  • You can use a fly swatter or spray to kill adult flies. After spraying close all the doors and windows. Don’t go in the bathroom for 15-20 minutes. Spray once or twice in a week depending on the infestation.

2. How to Keep Cockroaches Away?

The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to keep your bathroom clean. Wash your bathroom with the strong soap solution on a regular basis. It is very important to eliminate them from entry points.

  • Find out for any holes or cracks in your drainage pipes. Seal them by using caulk.
  • Fill the gaps between the pipes and your wash basin or bath tub. You can use urethane foam or silicone sealant.
  • Use insulation foam to seal the holes in your bathroom walls. Also, check the holes around the pipes from where these cockroaches can enter into your bathroom.
  • Remove the garbage can under your bathroom sink. They can attract the cockroaches.
  • Block their entry in the bathroom during night time. Use stopper to cover drains during the night.
  • Rinse the bathroom drain with a good cleaner.
  • You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth where you see them. It destroys the exoskeleton and kills them.
  • The boric powder is poisonous. They taste them and go to their nests killing other cockroaches too.

Many times water bugs and cockroaches are mistaken because of their appearances. Although there is a difference between water bugs and cockroaches, the water bugs live in water whereas cockroaches in humid locations, they are all threat to your bathroom cleanliness.

3. How to Keep Mosquitoes Away?

They breed in stagnant water and dirty areas in the bathroom. Therefore keep your bathroom clean and don’t allow water to stand. There are many measures that can be taken to repel or kill mosquitoes.
Spray garlic juice that repels the mosquitoes. You can prepare it by adding five parts of water in one part of garlic juice.

If possible, then plant the marigold outside your bathroom to keep away mosquitoes.
Use Neem leaves or neem oil to keep the mosquitoes away from your bathroom.

4. How to Keep Ants Away?

The bathroom is one of the favorite places of the ants. They roam about and breed. There are various methods to keep ants away from your bathroom.

  • Use soapy water sprays in your bathroom. You can also clean the floor with the soapy water.
  • Crush mint leaves, or mint flavored tea bags and placed it near your bathtub and wash basin. You can place slices of bitter cucumber on the entry points of ants. Ants have the natural instinct towards aroma of cucumber.
  • Place sliced cloves in the cracks of the walls to kill the ants.

If your bathroom is infested with the colonies of ants, use this simple trick. In one liter of water add a teaspoon of borax and sugar.
Dip cotton balls in the solution. Place them in the small plastic container with a hole punched inside. The ants will carry it to their colony. These all ants will die with the smell or eat this bait.

5. How to Keep Moths Away?

  • Use dried lemon peels in the closet of your bathroom to keep them away.
  • Use sachets made from cinnamon, cloves, lavender, and leaves of eucalyptus. Place these sachets in the affected areas or corners in your bathroom.

Precautions against Other Pests

  • Place hedge apple to prevent the entry of cricket and spiders on the entry points.
  • Wood ash is used to control slug.

To trap earwigs spray the newspaper with water. Roll the newspaper and tie it with a string. Place on the floor where there is a maximum movement of earwigs. Allow it to stand overnight. The earwigs are trapped.

Do water bugs bite? Yes, they bite human beings when they are provoked. You can use the spray of vinegar to get rid of water bugs.

All the above-mentioned measures will keep the pests away for your bathroom. Keep your bathroom clean. It is good for health and personal hygiene. Insects do not breed in clean areas.

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