How To Modernize Your Bathroom On A Budget

When it comes to bathroom design, the modern style has become all the rage. Perhaps it’s the simple and clean feel that this style emulates, or maybe it’s the ease of which you can implement this style into your home. Either way, you can transform your bathroom from mundane into a modern sanctuary with these ideas.

Update the accents. From the framing around the medicine cabinet mirror to the switch plate covers and hardware, choosing coordinating accents can amplify your bathrooms look of luxury without breaking the bank. Upgrading the hardware and switch plates to match big ticket items like a sink or cabinet can cost as little as $10.

Install floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Often, bathrooms aren’t the most spacious of areas. More than double the look and feel of your bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling mirror, making even the smallest of powder rooms feel more roomy.

Add free-standing elements. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are one of the easiest ways to modernize the look of your bathroom or powder room. Gone are the days of pedestal sinks and medicine cabinets. Wall mounted vanities serve as a sink and a storage system, with under-the-sink storage featured in most styles. The lack of a base gives this style the ability to “float” in your bathroom, leaving the floor space vacant and allowing the space to feel more open. You can also find wall mounted sinks and freestanding tubs to fit the theme of these floating bathroom necessities.

Choose linear, geometric lighting. Modern design is big on geometry, so keep that in mind when shopping for light fixtures. A decorative chandelier or a sleek overhead light with a cube lampshade are a few examples of light fixtures that work in a modern bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting Design and Decor

Bring in furniture. If the space allows, nothing says modern like the addition of an accent chair or bench in the bathroom. Such furnishings instantly turn the area into a room that serves a dual purpose – an area to take care of personal hygiene and to primp and prep in. Play with color and texture with the furnishings you bring in. Search for furniture upholstered in soft, plush fabrics to contrast the starkness of bathroom tiles.

Use natural accessories. Organic elements are prevalent in modern design, so work some greenery into your bathroom decor. A few small potted succulents bring the outdoors in, connecting the space with nature and evoking a sense of serenity.

Keep it simple. No matter which of these modern elements you choose to add to your bathroom, remember to keep it simple. Over analyzing your design can quickly cause you to clutter the space with unnecessary elements. The modern style is all about simplicity, so less is more!

Creating a modern bathroom isn’t hard! Take into consideration all of the elements we’ve presented here, then see what aligns with your #bathroomgoals and your personal taste.

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