How to Prepare an Inviting Guest Bathroom for Your Weekend Visitors

So you have guests staying for the weekend? You’ve likely thought about all of the details for their bedroom; beautiful cushions, freshly cut flowers and a few good books on the shelf.

But what about the guest bathroom? Whilst your guests probably won’t be spending all that much time in there, this isn’t a room to overlook. You can create an excellent impression and make guests feel right at home with a few simple touches.

Here is our easy, step by step guide for preparing your guest bathroom:

Clean and Tidy

Obviously, you’ll want to give the guest bathroom a good clean before your guests arrive. A sparkling bathroom suite is the most important part of preparations. You should also clear out any of your own personal items from surfaces, around the tub and in the cupboards.

This gives everything a fresh and new feel when guests arrive. Placing a bin and, if there’s space, a clothes hamper in the bathroom also allows your guests to keep their own things organised during their stay.

Stock up on Supplies

Think of the essentials your guests will need. Toilet roll (with additional rolls in a cupboard), toothpaste, body wash and shampoo are must-haves. But little extras like cotton buds, tissues, hand cream and a luxury hand wash will all create a welcoming ambience too.

For a rustic feel, you could even include a basket of luxury sponges, bath salts and loofahs by the bathtub and some handmade soaps wrapped with ribbon at the sink.

Get out the Guest Towels

Luxury linens are sure to make any guest feel well looked after. Sumptuous towels in a complementary colour to your bathroom design should be rolled in a basket, hung neatly or, as in these examples, hung decoratively in the bathroom.

To keep your guests towels looking their best, you could choose towels in a colour distinct from the towels you use in the rest of the house. That way, your guest towels will stay plush and fluffy for longer. You should also leave a sumptuous bathmat and, if you want to go the extra a mile, hang a couple of guest robes on the back of the door.


Bathrooms can sometimes feel a little bare and sterile. Whilst you don’t want to overwhelm what is likely to be a small space, adding a few decorations can bring a personal and inviting touch to the room. Hang a few small pictures on the wall, add a ladder shelf on which to sit pretty knick-knacks or sit a potted plant by the window.

Freshen Up

Use flowers, scented candles or an oil scent diffuser to create appealing aromas in your guest bathroom. You can even change the scent with the seasons. Floral and lavender scents are good for spring, tropical and citrus for summer, the warm scent of vanilla for autumn and luxurious cinnamon and cloves for winter. And a small, simple arrangement of seasonal flowers, foliage or berries is sure to be a hit too.

Leave Space for Their Belongings

In all your efforts to make your guest bathroom look welcoming, don’t forget to leave adequate space for your guests’ belongings. Leave a space in your bathroom cabinet and around the sink so guests don’t feel like things are too cluttered.

Anticipating and preparing for the arrival of guests can be almost as much fun as welcoming them through the door. And, with these tips, creating an inviting space for your visitors can be an easy as well as exciting process.

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Anne Grobler is a home décor lover, currently writing for OpenAgent – a real estate agents comparison website. Anne loves all things connected to designing a beautiful yet functional house and often shares her tips and tricks online. Find Anne on her LinkedIn.

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