How to Remove Mold from Bathroom Ceiling

How to Remove Mold from Bathroom Ceiling – Mold is often being problem in term of interior and exterior of home living. Yes, as a kind of simple plants, it is something like “destiny” that they are able to live in moist areas. You may simply see them on the wall, mainly exterior when it is rainy season. On the other hand, you can also just simply see it inside, mainly in such places like bathroom; of course, it is because bathroom is moist too. Surely, bathroom with mold is not good at all. Not only is it really lessening the look, you can also find it will damage your wall and ceiling. Overall, mold can make the items in which it is grown can be easily corroded. Well, after they are corroding, it can then really easy to crash. Based on that fact, here is no other way except you have to clean it immediately. This article then will give you some ways how to clean and remove the mold mainly when it is placed on the ceiling, so just check them out.

how to remove mold from the ceiling


One of the substances for cleaning to mold is magically able to be found from your own kitchen. yes, it is by using vinegar. Overall, vinegar which is used in a rather large amount is really effective for dissolving something including the dirt. It is probably a reason why you are allowed not to use so much vinegar in your foods. All you need is just put on the vinegar in the spray and then you can just give some water before it is then being shaken. Well, you can then stand up over a table, chair or something else to spray it over the ceiling. After waiting for about 15 minutes, you can just rub it off with an unused fabric. For a good result, you should do it regularly about once two weeks to make sure that your bathroom ceiling is always clean from mold.

Detergent and Glass cleaner

Yes, if you cannot find special liquid for cleaning your ceiling from mold, you can actually use detergent or glass cleaner. Overall, the ingredients for producing those liquids are almost the same. But it is important also to notice what the material used is to make your ceiling. It is because ceiling is often made from wood or something which is sensitive too. Therefore, you should better not use the liquid so much after making sure that the ceiling is clean enough. The way of doing it is also really simple in which you can just put it on the spray and then blend it with water.

Home Cleaning Service

Although the activity of cleaning ceiling from mold is actually not taking too much time, of course you cannot simply do it as well. Therefore, it is not exaggerated to call a cleaning service. Of course, you should make sure that the cleaning service chosen is really trustable and experienced with the best result. Besides, you have to make sure also that the cleaner they use is really safety and will not damage the ceiling as well.

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