How to Select Clawfoot Tubs Well

How to Select Clawfoot Tubs Well – Clawfoot tub is mainly a term for bathtub with classic or vintage shaping in which there are four feet installed just under the main tub. This idea can then simply accentuate the sense of classic although particularly the function of clawfoot itself is for safety. Yes, by installing the four feet, you can just keep the bottom surface of your tub clean and dry so that it can then be much durable. You probably also think that the feet themselves are insignificant but in fact, it can also give more additional values of aesthetic inside your bathrooms, indeed. This article then will explain more several ideas and tips you may follow while expecting to have a kind of clawfoot tubs. So, just check them out.

clawfoot tubs vintage

Selecting the Good Materials for Clawfoot Tubs

Purchasing a bathtub is actually not as simple as you probably think. There are actually many thins to be considered, starting from the price, design, color and whether it can match your bathroom style or not. But more than that, there is something which is much more important, it is about the quality. Overall, the quality of certain products can then guarantee whether the products are durable or not. you may firstly gain more information via internet regarding the brand and type of clawfoot tubs while choosing one you like the most. Besides, the materials used should also be considered well including the material used for the clawfoot. You should better select a kind of clawfoot made from stainless steel or other waterproof materials. Of course, the reason is simple, in which you must place it in your bathroom just after purchasing the tub.

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Selecting the Design of Clawfoot Tubs

After you are sure that the materials used are the best one, another thing you must consider is about the design of course. You may think at first what kind of bathroom you have already applied, whether you prefer modern interior style of the classic ones. Yes, modern tub tends to be simple without too many details or accents. Besides, you can just find that the surface also tends to be flat as well. It is different with such classic or vintage tubs in which the surface are usually curvy and also having too many details. Then another matter you should notice while selecting the clawfoot tubs is the design of the clawfoot itself.

clawfoot tubs blue

In term of coloring, you can also use metallic colors like silver, gold and bronze if you like the classical ones. On the other hand, modern bathtub is usually having such simple and natural color like white, black or rustic brown although it is possible also for you to apply such bright colors like reds or yellow.

clawfoot tubs gold

The size of clawfoot bathtubs can also be in variant, whether you want to purchase the slime or the large ones. While choosing it, you may consider well the size of your bathroom so that it will mot spend too much space. If you are not sure with it, you can consult it with the interior expert for the best result. Then, just enjoy your clawfoot tubs.

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