How To Turn Bathroom into a Personal Oasis

First off I would like to say that I am a man who enjoys a good soak, whether in a hot tub, or a bathtub, I just find that there is nothing more relaxing than a good long, hot bath. I have never understood why I feel so relaxed laying back in the tub, listening to some of my favorite songs, it’s just a feeling that I can’t seem to get anywhere else.

That feeling stopped when my wife and I moved into our new house. It’s not that we didn’t have a bathtub to soak in as much as it was two other problems; first, my wife and I could not both fit in the tub at the same time, occasionally we will have a romantic bath together, as it relaxes us both, and helps us get back in tune with each other if we’ve been away from each other for a while (my wife travels for work a lot).

Old bathroom

Secondly, the bathroom was ugly, it looked like the 1970′s threw up all over inside, which was really odd since our home was built in 1995. This throwback to the disco era was so distracting with its pinks, blues, and gold trim that I could not relax at all for any amount of time while I was in the room, let alone long enough to enjoy a bath.

modern bathroom ideas with stunning bathtub

We knew when we decided to buy the house that the master bathroom was the first thing we would need to change, what we didn’t expect was how fast we would decide it needed done. One month after we made the deal, we were talking to a contractor about the new project, and what we wanted, when my wife threw out the word “oasis” which made the contractor simply nod and start talking about what he would do. My wife and I listened, I thought it was going well, and when the interview was over, she thanked him and said we would be in touch.

No sooner was he out the door than she turned to me and said we wouldn’t be calling him back. She didn’t like what he put on the table after she told him what she wanted. Even though I had not noticed, he missed several key features in his presentation that she wanted, and that had turned her off of his work before he had even begun. I tried to tell her we could get him to change the plans as she wanted, since it’s part of his job but she had already decided.

“Hun, let’s just do it ourselves,” she said.

I cringed, knowing full well how much work it would be, but she got me on board with how much less it would cost and how it would bring us closer together to tackle a job like this. I hoped she was right.

Doing it yourself

I won’t bore you with the details of the project itself, although there are a few pretty funny stories to tell about it, but I will tell you about our tub. We (read: my wife) decided that a corner bath was the way to go in her new personal oasis and though I wasn’t sure about how it would work in the space, she assured me it would be worth it.

clawfoot tubs simple

In the end, she was right, we built a step around it and tiled it to match the floor, making it very easy to get into, and the thing is huge on the inside, with air jets that hit just the right spots on my back. As part of the step, we build a little extra onto the edges on each side, equal to the height of the top of the tub where we can put a glass of wine each when we’re using the tub together, or a bottle of beer (or three) when I’m in there alone. It is the only thing I doubted my wife’s good sense on during the planning process, and I am more then happy that she stuck to her guns on it, she was right.

The rest of the room is done in whites and grays, save for one row of blue glass tiles separating the gray tiles of the floor, which go up the wall to counter height, with the rest of the walls done in white. The vanity is dark reddish brown with a square, marble sink that sits on top of it, with fancy metal sconces for lighting on either side of the mirror. There are also a good number of candles spread around the room that not only provide mood lighting for our romantic time, but also make it smell less like a bathroom, and more like a tropical rainforest, or so the box they came in would have you believe.

We put in a linen closet near the door, and in the space formerly occupied by part of the old tub, there is a large potted fern. This does great with all of the humidity from our showers and the filtered light that seeps in through the curtained window. We also went for a low-flow toilet to save on our water bill over time.

All in all, it worked out great as an “oasis” as my wife wanted, and neither of us has any trouble getting into relaxed mode in there at any time these days. For your own personal oasis all you might need is a few candles and some scented bath oils, but I would definitely look into a corner bath, I wouldn’t give up ours for anything. Also, I would get a fern if your bathroom has a window, having a plant in there is what really completed the look for my, the large green leaves against the minimalist color scheme we used works out great.

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