Optimizing Space In a Bathroom Remodel

If you have one bathroom that is full, but limited in terms of the space that it provides for people that use it, you might be feeling like you don’t have many remodel options available. After all, most rooms that are built around a bathroom are not exactly designed for you to expand your bathroom into that space.

Fortunately, even though you may have trouble growing your bathroom into the areas that are close by, there are other options that you can take advantage of to increase the amount of useful space in the room.

Here are some of the more popular ways to optimize space in a bathroom remodel.

Japanase tub; image source: pexels.com

Reduce your bathing area

One industry expert, remodelingcontractors.com recommends that you actually use a half-bath and shower combo to replace the full tub or full separate shower that you might have originally wanted because it will give you a more open room overall.

You could also take a look at using a Japanese style tub that is very short but very deep. Overall, you end up sitting in three and one half feet of water each night. At the same time, you will likely only be comfortable if you are under 6 feet 6 inches tall. One nice thing about the shortened Japanese tub is that many of them come with a heater on them so that if your bathwater gets cold, you can heat it up again. You can also keep your bathwater hot until you are ready to get out, giving you hours longer to soak if it has been a long day.

Use an shortened wall

If you put a tub in that has an enclosure, there is no reason that you need to maintain a full wall facing the bathroom unless the plumbing runs through it. In most cases, since the plumbing will be pointed towards the outside wall, you can expect that the shower should be pointed towards the bathroom door, allowing you to use an accent wall or a shorter wall to complement your bathroom, making it seem like a larger space.

You can also do a custom shower enclosure for that part of the wall. Using a frosted glass informal slider, you could leave the space open when guests are not staying there and taking showers or using the bathtub on a regular basis.

Increase storage at the expense of your sink area

Since minimalist sinks have been in vogue for a couple of decades, it makes sense to take a look at reducing an American institution, the large counter vanity that covers the wall where the sink is. In some cases, you can free up several feet that can be used to create open space or wall to ceiling cabinets that can store towels and other bathroom essentials.

Dealing with remodeling a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you don’t have options that will open it up and create a showcase space for your guests. The key thing is to find a solid partner that has vision and experience when it comes to remodels so that you get what you originally wanted.

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