Plan On How To Create Elegant Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic décor has something that attracts many home owners. The main attraction from rustic interior décor is simple and comfortable style. Some home owners think that rustic design cannot look elegant. This is not true. Rustic design can look elegant and it can be applied on any room in your house. Thinking to use the design in your bathroom area? Rustic is great for your bathroom area because it creates warm and inviting atmosphere. Here are some elegant rustic bathroom ideas for you.

If you plan elegant rustic bathroom ideas, it is necessary for you to choose the right color. Some colors recommended for this rustic bathroom design are including neutral and earth tones. You might also combine those colors with deep rich brown, rust, cream, and shades of green. To get elegant touch in your rustic bathroom, you should use colors like dark blue, yellow, or red as accents. The natural color of wood is also great and elegant option.


Plan Elegant Rustic Bathroom Ideas

After determining the color scheme, you can move to choose furniture. How to create elegant rustic bathroom ideas? Elegant rustic bathroom ideas should use wooden furniture. Choose wooden furniture which features knots and naturally distressed. Another great option is distressed leather furniture. This leather furniture will add elegant touch to your bathroom. It is recommended for you to choose simple furniture pieces that do not have too complicated design.

Wall decoration also holds important role in elegant rustic bathroom ideas. Some home owners prefer to add natural touch to bathroom area by installing rough and textural wall. This can be done by using natural stone. This stone is the right option if you want to get elegant rustic bathroom ideas. You can always get wooden wall on your bathroom. You have two options for wooden wall. These are including wood paneling and split log siding. The log creates natural and dimensional features on your wall.



How To Create Elegant Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Plan your bathroom fixtures. Bathroom fixtures which have antique and country style are acceptable in elegant rustic bathroom ideas. These fixtures are including bronze faucets or tub handles. To emphasize the rustic look in your bathroom, add claw foot bathtub which is made of porcelain material. Combine it with ground mounted sink. Many experts also recommend home owners to use suspending natural stone bowl which is made of wrought iron brackets.

Your rustic bathroom is not complete without the right accent. You can accent your bathroom by using natural fabrics or accessories. If your bathroom has window, you should choose the right window treatments. Get bathroom rug, towel, and other bathroom linens with elegant and rustic design. Why not adding storage accessories? Get some wicker basket to store your bathroom linens. Antique wooden tray will be great to store your bathroom necessities such as soap, shaving cream, toilet paper, and many more.

For the flooring, consider using natural flooring for your elegant rustic bathroom ideas. If you want to get something elegant, hardwood flooring can be the best option. Natural stone is also great option. Both hardwood and flooring are durable, but you do need to be more careful when you are using hardwood since it needs more maintenance process.



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