Renovating Your Bathroom on a Small Budget

Bathroom renovations are not the most stress-free. Not only can it be challenging to renovate the bathroom quickly enough to ensure you’re not without one for too long, but it can also add burden on your wallet.

If you’re excited to give your bathroom a makeover but you aren’t looking forward to paying a fortune doing so, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Skip the granite countertops

If you have space in the bathroom for a countertop, then avoid buying granite. It’s more expensive than other materials such as wood and you really don’t need something as durable in the bathroom. For those who aren’t afraid of a bit of DIY, you should consider using an old dresser as a pedestal to decorate your bathroom on a budget. The style is increasingly popular and nothing too complicated to pull off.

Even if you want granite, pick colours that aren’t popular. Brown and light beige tops often cost more simply due to demand.

Be creative with your tile use

Tiles are a great way to change the look of your bathroom. The world is full of great decorative tiles that help you add colour and style to the space. However, artistic tiles can be rather expensive.

Black And White Tile Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Black and white tile bathroom decorating ideas

To save money, you want to be creative with how you use tiles. Instead of decorating the whole room with the expensive tile, pair it with something cheaper and use the artistic tiles as an accent. You’ll make sure they are more noticeable this way as well.

Skip tiling the whole bathroom

Talking of tiles, you don’t need to tile the whole bathroom. Tiling costs not only because the ceramic tiles are more expensive than paint but also because it takes more labour hours to tile rather than to paint.

Skipping tiling from areas that don’t require tiles will be especially good if you are using a contractor. Instead, opt for a lovely bathroom-suited paint for most wall areas in the bathroom. If you are doing the tiling yourself, make sure to avoid some of the most common mistakes – they can end up costing more.

Update the little fixtures

You can also give your bathroom a quick makeover by focusing on the small details rather than renovating it from floor to ceiling. Things such as the light fixtures, sink faucets, and towel racks are not too expensive to buy and they will instantly change the look of the room.

For example, give an update to your bathroom by opting for super modern faucets, lights and even the bathroom mirror. If you want something different, you can also go with an industrial or a vintage theme.

If you want something even cheaper, simply get yourself new bath linen – a new rug, some funky towels with a decorative shower curtain can instantly give your bathroom a quick makeover.

Give a quick scrub and grout update

Sometimes you don’t need to do much more than just give your bathroom a proper clean up. Not your typical weekly clean either but a proper scrubbing to get everything from the wall tiles to the ceiling washed. Furthermore, you should get rid of the grimy grout and caulk and adding a clean line of it around the tub and sink. This simple action will instantly freshen up your bathroom.

You can also freshen up the bathroom by repainting the walls or even the cabinets and countertops you have. Repainting is not difficult although it can take quite a bit of time when painting a bathroom.

Upgrade to eco-friendly products

You could also try saving money in the long-term with your bathroom renovation. Eco-friendly products can actually cut a huge chunk out of your energy and water bills and these could be a good way of creating a new look and starting to save more money in the long run. The best eco-friendly products to choose for your bathroom include things like low-flow toilets and sinks, as well as low-flow showerheads.

Shop smart

Whether you are renovating your bathroom fully or utilising some of the above finishing touches, you also need to shop smart in order to save money. If you are using a contractor, you want to have them quote a price for the products and the labour separately. Sometimes it can actually be cheaper to sort out your own products and have the contractor just do the work.

If you are DIY renovating the bathroom, check out different stores for comparison on prices. You can find plenty of bathroom equipment and décor items from online stores. All these retailers also offer vouchers through and you definitely want to utilise the offers to ensure you stick to your budget.

Finally, a small budget renovation should always start with a good plan and a detailed budget. Be realistic with what you can spend and the parts of the bathroom you think will have the most impact. Use the above tips and ideas to your advantage and you’ll enjoy a lovely new bathroom in no time!

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