Save More With Eco-Friendly Bathroom Furniture and Fixtures Options

Are you planning to build a new bathroom or remodel your existing bathroom? Whichever your project is, creating eco friendly bathroom is much more affordable option. It is not only affordable but it is also friendlier option towards environment. Eco-friendly bathroom is said to be healthy for environment and home owner. If you are planning to build eco friendly bathroom, it is better for you to start by considering the products’ toxicity. You need to use only eco-friendly bathroom furniture and fixtures.



Save More With Eco-Friendly Bathroom Furniture and Fixtures

How to save more with Eco-Friendly Bathroom Furniture and Fixtures? Let us start by choosing the right flooring. Compared to other flooring options available, ceramic tile is eco-friendlier option for floors, walls, and countertops. Why ceramic tile is more recommended? It is because tiling flooring is more durable against moisture so it can last longer. The negative effect of ceramic tile manufacturing process on the environment is lower compared to other floorings. You can even find some ceramic tiles which are made of recycled products. These ceramic tiles are made of discarded bottle glass. Tile flooring is not only environment friendly but also available in various options. You can always mix and match several tile options. Other flooring options that are friendly towards environment are including natural linoleum and finished bamboo. In finding eco-friendly bathroom furniture and fixtures options, low-flow bathroom fixtures should be included.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Furniture and Fixtures Options

These bathroom fixtures are including low-flow shower head and low-flow bathroom sink faucet. These shower heads and bathroom sinks distribute the water in slower flow so users can save more money on water and energy bills. You do not need to worry of slow water flow since the newer models are not reducing the water flow in drastic manner. You still can enjoy great flow but it indeed reduces the amount of water distributed. This slow flow is using about 2 water gallons per minute. The amount is less compared to conventional shower heads which are distributing 6 gallons per minute. This is one of the most efficient eco-friendly bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Another product of eco-friendly bathroom furniture and fixtures is ultra flush toilet. Install this toilet helps you to save more water. Commonly, this toilet only uses 1 water gallon for flushing. Before making any purchase of this toilet, you should compare the toilet products. It is because some toilet products suffer from clogging problem. Other products feature dual flush system with two knobs so users can choose the amount to flush the waste.

It is recommended for you to get wheatboard bathroom cabinets as eco-friendly bathroom furniture and fixtures options. These cabinets are made of wheat straw and non toxic binder. Avoid purchasing the cabinets which are made of particleboard or medium density fiberboard. It is because these materials can emit toxic chemicals. Cabinets from supportive and harvested wood are an eco-friendly option for your bathroom. Some home owners are arguing that the most eco-friendly bathroom furniture and fixtures are reusing discarded one. It means purchasing the secondhand one. However, some people are worrying the quality and durability of secondhand furniture and fixtures. However, with proper searching, you can find a great deal in some retail stores like Craigslist or Ebay.


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