The 20 Things We Hate Most about Hotels

It is the responsibility of the hotel Inspector to take care of his guests and maintain a list of their likes and dislikes with respect to their stay in the hotel. Here are some of the things that we hate when we visit a hotel or resort:

  1. Towel art

The most prevalent welcome sight in most of the hotel rooms is the display of hotel towels that too on the bed.  Towels should be hung in the bathroom, not folded into weird shapes and placed elsewhere.


Decorative Towels For Bathroom Ideas

Towel art.


  1. A surfeit of cushions

The number of cushions blocking the way to the most comfortable pillow is really a sight. Highly detestable because no one likes so many cushions piled up on their bed.

  1. Pillow menus

Pillow menus are ridiculous and they give you vast number of options depending on your health; well no one would like to see so many types of pillows and the pillow should be chosen by the hotel staff instead.

  1. Bathtubs in the bedroom

Hell!! Yes you heard it right we are really speaking about bathtubs in the bedroom.  Literally who does that? Whom do they do this for- the couples? Well, not all like to bathe in front of their partner.

  1. Theft-proof clothes hangers

No one actually steals hangers!

  1. Bad coffee

The coffee available at these places should be great but they do disappoint us sometimes.

  1. Trouser presses

The trouser presses are not always used, but there should be availability of electrical sockets that too at places where they are reachable.

  1. Mealtime interruptions

During the meals, no such instrument should be played which goes above the audible levels, neither should the host constantly question about the food and thus interrupting the flow of the Meal that the guests are having.

  1. Obscene mini bar prices

The mini bar items are charged like hell and naturally, an empty mini bar is not a rare scene.

  1. Porters fishing for tips

The porter, the receptionist and the housekeeper often tend to direct you to your room unnecessarily, this being a trick to get some tip from the visitors. Another thing that we hate!

  1. Bad lighting

Many of the guests have the habit of reading books before going to bed. A poorly lit bedroom causes a problem in this respect, especially if there is not even a table lamp in the room.

  1. Tatty frontages

Well, the frontages of the hotels add up to the need of the exteriors of the hotel, which should be done nicely and in the most beautiful manner.

  1. Bath butlers

These also seem to be unnecessary.

  1. Children’s menus            

Well none of the hotels should have the right to choose the Child’s menu to certain selected food items as not all kids have similar tastes.

    15. Ridiculous reading material

Magazines and books about the places to visit are highly welcome, but the rooms see abundance of high fashion magazines which I don’t find apt.


  1. Pillow chocolates                           

Huge amount of food in bowls is completely unnecessary.

     17. Notes from the manager

This is another needless feature which most people hate.

  1. Pretending to care about the environment

Unnecessary steps such as notes about environmental precautions are completely unnecessary. If you really care about the environment, first and foremost use organic natural latex mattresses in the first place.

  1. Complicated controls

Lots of buttons and switches with several remotes… a switch for this and a switch for that… this complicated structure is not at all pleasing to the guests!

  1. Absence of mattress and pillow protectors

These are essentials and should be present.

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