Tips on Making Your Basement an Extra Bedroom

There is nothing more wasteful than an unutilized space that just lies around your house. It gathers dust and requires your time and energy to be cleaned from time to time. It is also wasteful to simply use the space for storage and stocking. So why not convert it into something useful? A basement you filled to the brim with old boxes, broken appliances, and worn clothes can actually be transformed into a comfortable extra bedroom. This can be a cozy place for you to retreat from the chaos of the household. It is also perfect as a guest room.

To help you with this exciting project, we have compiled tips that can help you every step of the way.

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Do a Major Cleanup

The basement must be emptied of all the mess and clutter, giving you a clean and new slate to work on. Just make sure that you have a ready storage area for all the things you have to cart off. Sweep the dust and other accumulated debris.

Check for pests as well. Corners and ceilings may house unwanted guests that will wreak havoc in the future. It is always better if you check every nook and cranny to ensure they are taken care of before you start on renovations and furnishings.

Start the Needed Installation

If your floor is made of wood, then this is your chance to do sanding or polishing. Walls and floors can also be retrofitted with new panels to address the moisture problem common to most basements, keeping the cold at bay. You will also need to outfit a proper egress window—both for letting light in and serving as an exit in times of emergencies.

Pay Attention to Wiring Systems

One of the most essential parts of any room in the house is the installation of wiring. This is necessary for appliances and other technological devices to run. Best to hire professionals to do this kind of work for safety and efficiency.

Choose the Bedroom Layout Wisely

This is not only to maximize space but also to put everything in order for your comfort and convenience. You should think carefully about the placement of your furniture and appliances.

The right layout creates order and makes the arrangement appealing to the eyes. For a relaxing and warm atmosphere, decide on wall and floor color with shades that go well with the sun’s golden glow.

Provide Additional Features

A bathroom does not need to be limited to a mere sleeping area. You can also add a walk-in closet, a mini reading area, or a bathroom. The latter is the most ideal since it needs to be accessible when nature calls. There are toilet kits, like units from Saniflo SaniPLUS, that are easy to set up.

With those kits, you don’t need to break the wall or floor to have them installed. These installations also don’t rely on gravity to drain sewage, so they are best for rooms that are below ground level, like basements.

Don’t Forget

Like any other renovation project, turning your basement into a bedroom takes careful planning. This is something you cannot hasten since you need to consider many changes and additions that will make your venture hassle-free and economical.

Should you encounter complications, know that there is always a way around them. Just remember that a rewarding experience is waiting for you as you transform a cold and dark space into a beautiful bedroom.



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