Trendy Vintage Design Ideas For Your Home

Believe it or not, vintage doesn’t have to mean old or outdated. It turns out granny might have been onto something with her design style. As you know, all style is cyclical. That means those vintage-inspired finds are back on trend, and you can incorporate these ideas into your own home.

The key to mastering the vintage look is to mix the old with the new. Some classics never go out of style, and these should be the foundation of your home. From there, add some vintage-inspired elements that show you know your way around today’s trends—even if it means taking a hint from grandma! Here are some old-timey classics to get you started.

1. Floral Wallpaper

Anyone who experienced the horror of removing old wallpaper is currently gathering their pitchforks to protest the return of this trend. Before you form an angry mob, take a look at the reality of wallpaper today. Gone are the days of messy and annoying wallpaper that’s a pain to remove. Today, there’s such a thing as peel and stick wallpaper, and a lot of it is even reusable.

This means you don’t have to be 100% in love with your wallpaper to go to town on your home. Commit fully to this trend today without having to worry about scraping paste off your fingers tomorrow. When it comes to picking out wallpaper that fits modern trends, go floral. You can go as big or as small as you want, covering only an accent wall or the entire room with this vintage favorite.

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2. Amish Furniture

While the Amish might seem disconnected from modern living, they know their way around furniture. The Amish tradition of furniture making goes back generations. Because the Amish don’t believe in using 21st-century technology, each of their furniture pieces is made diligently with tried-and-true methods.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill furniture. These are staples meant to last a lifetime. They’ll add a tinge of vintage charm without dating your home, and you won’t have to worry about replacing your furniture in a few years. Not sure where to start? How about a sturdy, customized Amish table? Many Amish pieces are classic in style, and you have more options than you think to find a match made in heaven (Source:

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3. Cast Iron

There’s something undeniably romantic about cast iron. Most often found in your grandparents guest bedroom or in an antique store, cast iron accents are making a comeback. When paired with modern trends like bold colors and patterns, they make quite the impact.

Go bold with a cast iron bed frame that demands attention as soon as you enter a room or a start small with a cast iron curtain rod. Look for metal that seems to be wrought by time, but that hasn’t lost its luster. For a real vintage feel, go antiquing, and don’t be afraid to put in some elbow grease to make that metal shine.

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4. Quilts

What goes perfectly with your cast iron bed? A handmade quilt. Let’s face it: we don’t all have the time to devote to quilting by hand. Not all of us have grandma’s who gift a different handmade quilt every year. That’s okay, you can still embrace this trend by looking for quilts with that special vintage quality.

There really is no such thing as having too many blankets. However, if you’re running out of space on your bed, you can display your quilts in new ways. Drape them over your couch for a splash of color, or even hang them on the wall for a cozy and decorative display.

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5. Pink Bathroom Tile

This retro favorite might have seemed excessive in recent years, but it’s come a long way since the 1950s. That’s right, pink bathrooms are making a comeback, and they’re better than ever. Before you take a hammer to that pastel tile, consider embracing this mid-century beauty for what it is: a glimpse back in time.

Why so pink? The pink movement stemmed from post-war optimism, and First Lady Mamie Eisenhower even went so far as to remodel the White House’s private quarters into this pink shade. Today, people are embracing the vintage cheer of all all-pastel bathroom, and you’ve got to admit it makes you smile.

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6. China Cabinets

What grandma’s house didn’t come equipped with a fully-stocked china cabinet? Today, these beauties are making another appearance with their own unique spin. Who said you had to use this display to show your favorite china? You can actually display just about anything in these bad boys, and they might even fool you into looking quite modern.

If you’re committed to the classic intention of these antique storage solutions, by all means, show off your best dishware. However, don’t feel limited by the name of this hutch. You can add anything from books to collectibles. Basically, anything you think deserves to be displayed behind glass is worthy of your china cabinet.

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Who knew the latest home design trends would be found decades in the past? These ideas above are perfect for stepping back in time with your style. It’s easy to see why these trends were so popular before, and we’re glad they’re finally making a comeback in our own homes today. Who knows? It might be time to plan another visit to grandma’s house for some ideas!


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