What Color Shades Are The Most Preferable For Lavish Bathrooms?

We had all heard this famous saying, “when the clock struck midnight: It’s the New You, with the New Year!”

We totally agree with this indeed, don’t we? It’s not applicable just to resolutions, working out more or eating healthy. Keep this attitude of a new start and modify the parts of your home you’ve been waiting to change for so long. And there’s no better place than starting from the bathroom.

Just by changing the paint color of your bathroom you can create a statement. In this article, we’ll tell you preferable color shades for your lavish bathrooms.

Most Preferable Bathroom Color Shades

There are mainly four famous bathroom coloring schemes:

  • Pastel Bathroom Design
  • Soothing Bathroom Coloring Scheme
  • Neutral Color Bathroom Ideas
  • Baths With Stylish Color Combinations
  • Most Popular Paint Picks

1. Soft Taupe
Neutrals give realms of possibility in your bathroom. Pair this cozy and warm taupe with pinks, light greens, and blues.The use of this soft hue will make the smallest parts feel lavish and tranquil. (Paint color: Benjamin Moore, Kid Gloves)

2. Sky Blue
As we already know, blue is a universal pleasure. When associated with sky and sea, it gives the serene feel in the bathroom. It could be used as an accent wall. Classify your bathroom’s look with flexible white cabinets, flooring, and trim. (Paint color: Benjamin Moore, Gull Wing Gray)

3. Powdery Pink
Soft pink colored walls, gives an exquisite snow white accents. This shade is warm enough to make it a great choice for bathrooms with very little light and subtle enough not to make a small place overwhelming. Give it a silver finishing that will prevent the room from having a sweet look. (Paint color: Paris Romance)

4. Bold Navy Blues
Encasing the room in navy results in diminishing edges. It makes smaller places look bigger than normal. Isn’t it great to pamper ourselves in the room which gives a great deal of soothing? Other than that, this rich color gives a calming effect. (Paint color: Old Glory)

5. Unique Grays
Want to give your bathroom a twist of gray? Use the combination of cool colors of concrete and granite. Dark wooden floors will warm up the hue, and bright white trim will brighten the pallet contrast. And to give it a final sophisticated look, use a black vanity. (Paint color: Ozark Shadows)

6. Dark, Dramatic Purple
As we already know, purple always gives an expensive look. This color has many different shades of lilac, lavender, or bold and dramatic hues. This gives you the feeling of elegance and freshness. Additionally, it provides you with the ultimate sophisticated luxury. (Paint color: California Raisin, Grape Surprise)

7. Charcoal
Warmer than the grays but not too harsh compared to black. Charcoal gives a cool look to your bath with a contemporary feel. It easily snuggles up with accessories and patterns. Natural segments such as raw wooden vanity will make the color look sober. And it proves bright colors are not needed to make the bathing room interesting. (Paint color: Wrought iron)

If you are looking forward to adding a few color pizzas to your bathing rooms, these are the best colors you can choose from. If you don’t want to spend hell lot of money in just painting your home, you can do it yourself too. Isn’t it hard to believe?

Here, we will tell you how to DIY paint your home:

  • Plan your approach
  • Repair the damaged surfaces
  • Remove all the electrical switches and prepare the room
  • Use the best dovetail saw to cut the dovetail joints precisely
  • Prepare the materials you’ll be using
  • Use proper sizes of brush and paint roller
  • Remove the painter’s tape from trim
  • Clean up

Easy information, isn’t it? Try this at your home and get your walls painted.

Author Bio: Victor is a founder of Victorcrafter.com. He believes that money can be saved more if people will consider understanding different DIY procedures. To lessen wood stashes, he focuses in building furniture and other wooden things which can also help people earn a living.

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